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Specializing in Sports Massage, Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Bodywork

About the Practitioner

Scott Stearns

Certificate from Lansing Community College

Continuing Education:

Eric Dalton and The Freedom from Pain Institute

Whitney Lowe OMERI

Ben Benjamin

James Waslaski

My intention is to encourage the body's own amazing capacity for healing and relaxation through various modalities of bodywork including massage, manual and functional stretching, deep tissue and myofascial work.

I focus on issue oriented work. I have worked with MSU athletes and an Olympic athlete. Many of my clients are actively involved in strength training or training for specific sports. I have clients who are recovering from sports injuries, traumatic injuries (car accidents, falls), and overuse  injuries from the field or the workplace. I have clients who have lived with chronic musculo-skeletal pain for years and are recovering function and finding relief.

This is not spa massage. I don't have candles. We can listen to whatever music the client wants or none at all. We generally are having a conversation about the work as we proceed. Feedback is very important in much of what I do.  Depending on the issue(s) and needs of the client, various modalities may be used within a session.


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