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No one can heal you but you.

The links below are intended to help you learn more about yourself in a mind- body, myo-fascial, functional and mechanical way.

Be aware of yourself in space. Understand your function in that space.

Pay attention to how stress, bad posture, poor body mechanics, imbalances in muscle strength and tone, inflexibilty and poor nutrition create dysfunction.

Understand your intrinsic need to find balance in your life.

I take this path with each and every one of you. As I learn I incorporate it into my own movement into health and into my practice.

Do Yoga With Me is a free site with videos and good information

Anatomy Trains page on fascia is a launching board for articles and videos on the subject

This Search Engine is for ABMP's digital archive. Try fascia, stretching, Dalton, Tom Myers.

Quiz me if you want. I don't always keep everything in my head, but I know where to find the right answers :-) The more I get quizzed, the more I retain

Leon Chaitow is THE MAN :-) Read, read, and read some more. Ask me if you have questions.

Dr Chaitow on treatment protocol for Fibromyalgia

Essential reading about functional dysfunction.

Daltons videos are a source for me, see if you can recognize some of MY moves :-)

Foam Roller video, go much slower than this guy. Feel the pain :-)

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